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RED Boxes make moving so much easier than using cardboard. You don’t need tape, you don’t need a knife, you just fill them up and close the lid. Our wheeled bases make transporting them simple, whether it’s out your front door, or just to the side while you pack more of your stuff!

Our landfills are continually being overrun with garbage. Instead of scavenging cardboard boxes, use environmentally-friendly RED Boxes, delivered right inside your home. They’re water resistant, reusable and cleaned after every use.

RED Boxes are made to last, built from 10 lbs of High Density Polypropylene to provide unmatched strength, convenience, and dependability. They are 40% more efficient than cardboard boxes, for both stowing and moving. Created with functionality and comfort in mind; RED Boxes have ergonomic side handles for easy lifting, and make effective use of your space by neatly stacking.


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