Move Coordination

Throughout the moving process, the move coordinator is of great importance, handling the move from the beginning to the end. The move coordinator is responsible for arranging and managing the moving process for the individual or the business. This includes a wide range of tasks, such as providing cost estimates and final payment information, arranging the time and date on which the relocation will begin, and estimating the amount of time required to complete the move. They may also have the responsibility of planning the move route, driving the moving truck, and managing the workers who will transfer boxes and furniture to and from the truck. Additionally, the move coordinator has the responsibility of communicating with customers and other relocation company staff regarding the relocation.

The move coordinator is a valued member of the moving team and they hold the main responsibility when working with clients, ensuring the move runs as smooth as possible.

Coordinator Tasks

The move coordinator typically has the job of planning and coordinating all the tasks that need to be completed for a successful relocation. The tasks are determined by the type of move and the amount of support required by the customer. Some tasks include:

  • Price estimating
  • Preparing and delivering the contract
  • Answering questions about the move
  • Dealing with problems as they arise
  • Scheduling tasks
  • Route planning
  • Helping load or unload particularly important items
  • Overseeing the relocation project, main point of contact

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